Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Milla's Got Curves

SL's like a spider of designers. The owner of Pretty N Pink introduced me to the owner of Coull, she was kind enough to give me a few things to blog.  This dress can be found in black leather or lavender leather.

I was itching for a new hair so I bought one from Dela.  I'm so loving the color.  It comes in color packets like brown, blond, and red with a range in those colors of 5.

Getting burned out on the poses that I had I ran to Purple Pose and found thins one.  It's hard to find new poses that have you to camera.  Since I like to present the outfit frontward most of the time so you can see what you get.

Dress: Curves 150L @ Coull Creations

Hair: Milla 250L @ Dela

Pose: Sandra # 7 15L @ Purple Pose

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summertime Sadness

One of the other stores that set up shop on the land I manage is another friend of mine's shop Artful Designs.  She threw this outfit at me right after she set up shop.  This is her newest release, Destiny. The back matches the front.  It also comes with appliers for the Belleza, Maitreya, Eve, Lena, & Omega.

I found the hair on Marketplace by Alice Project.  It was free and comes with a color changing hud.   You are also able to shade it yourself.  Which I did.

Dress: Destiny 125L @ Artful Designs

Hair: Summertime Sadness (Free) By Alice Project @ Marketplace

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ann's One Sexy Girl

I'm lucky enough to be able to give 2 free spots on the land that I manage.  And one of the girls that got a spot sent me the outfit that I'm wearing today.  It's called Sexy Girl.  It comes with the top, jeans & slink shoes (not shown).

Trying not to go to the normal hair places I went went to one I haven't heard much from in a long time.  I headed to UncleWeb Studios to grab one of their freebies they give you as a group gift.

Hair: Ann (Group Gift, Free) @ Uncleweb Studios

Outfit: Sexy Girl 100L @ Pretty N Pink

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lucy's Night Out Clubbing

Tamless pumps out so great stuff that I could blog her stuff every day 5 times a day and still not do it justice.  Today's outfit & hair are the new releases for the week.

Hair: Lucy 249L @ Tameless

Outfit: Clubbing 249L @ Tameless

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dark Fury

Probably a few weeks ago I went to Dumb Blond and slapped their Midnight Mania board.  Their designs are pretty awesome. This outfit comes with a system half of the dress, mesh skirt that comes in 5 sizes, & nylons.  Which are NOT slink. Things you can't see in the pic is boots, shoulder wrap and bra top. These can be put in any combination and make it your own.

Tableau & Vivant has a new hair out as a group gift.  It's unisex and shoulder length so it's also good for you boobie girls.

Dress: Dark Fury 99L @ Dumb Blond

Hair: Choko (Group Gift, Free) @ Tableau & Vivant

Friday, May 15, 2015

Say My Name

Another long night chat with Pinkness of Pink Pearl Designs inspired the outfit that I'm wearing.  It comes in many colors and with all the essential appliers.  It comes with the top, pants, panties and these awesome shoes.

The hair is an older release of Tameless.  I thought it look pretty good together.  You can get this hair in tons of different colors.

Because I promised Pinkness that I would wear my TMP body I remembered that Drop Dead Gorgeous sells their appliers per skin tone instead of per skin.  200L a each tone.  And the skins are 300L, so that's 500L for this great skin.  The great way about doing that is you can use the older skins.  Which one of my favorite skins from them is Bree.  I've blogged several times.

Skin: Bree 300L + 200L (applier) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Hair: Sloan 249L @ Tameless

Outfit: Say My Name 320L (288L w/free group) @ Pink Pearl Designs

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just A Little Batty

During my stroll yesterday I grabbed all the goodies and tried my luck @ the match game The Little Bat had out to win this great dress (comes with the leggings).  It's just one of several items you can win in the game.

I've blogged this hair many times.  It's one of my favorites and you can grab it at Wasabi Pills.  They have both normal and boobie friendly version in the pack that you purchase.

Hair: Sybille 2 250L @ Wasabi Pills

Dress: Tartan Dress/Pink (Match Game, Free) @ The Little Bat