Friday, April 24, 2015

Lilith Raids Marketplace

A few weeks back one of my friends on FB posted this awesome Slave Bracelet that will be coming up in a future event.  So if flashed over to the storms MP cause the bracelet was so awesome.  I found this great corset that I just HAD to blog.  The skirt is from an outfit from Mute called Hell Pop, I thought it went well together so there you go. 

I pulled out my favorite hair from Tameless again.  

 If you wanna add me go ahead =) 

Hair: Lorna 249L @ Tameless

Shirt: Lilith Corset 100L by Deadpool @ Marketplave

Skirt: Hell Pop by Mute @ Marketplace

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Get Netted

Hunt For Your Inner Slut Hunt has this dirty girl body suit.  It can also be used as a swim suit.  Under the arms are netted boobies.  And the back has a sexy arch to the ass.  PB Designs is the place you need to search for this sexy number.

If you've missed my last 3 posts you missed that you can get this hair at the Black Fashion Fair.  It's an exclusive and comes in tons of colors.

Outfit: Get Netted (Free Hunt Gift) @ PB Designs

Hair: Marla 249L By Tameless @ The Black Fashion Fair

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Tameless Sn@tch

I was able to grab this outfit a few days ago from the riot vendor for 70L, then 2 seconds later it went down to 59L.  Being horribly frugle I laughed as I could have saved 11L.  Yes, I'm that stingy lol. But I went back to the store to get the slurl and saw that it was no longer in the riot vendor.  So now you can purchase it for 275, if you missed out.  This outfit comes with a hud which you can change the colors.

Speaking of missing out, don't forget to run to the Black Fashion Fair and pick up this exclusive hair from Tameless while you still can.

Dress: Sadie 275L @ Sn@tch

Hair: Marla 249L By Tameless @ The Black Fashion Fair

Collar: Avo 499L@ RealEvil Industries

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lace It Up Marla

I'm sporting a new release from @ i`piteme.  The top is mesh w/ a HUD that changed the major part of the shirt.  The white part stays the same.  On the back there is a string you can change the color too and the metal part that holds it together.  These cute pants are system pants that come with Omega, Lena Body, Slink, & Belleza.

Tameless has this hair out as an exclusive item for the Black Fashion Fair.  It comes in 30 colors in 3 different packs you can purchase.

Shirt: Lexi Mesh Tank 150L (113L w/free group join) @ i`piteme

Pants: Lace Leg Pants 99L (75L w/free group join) @ i`piteme

Hair: Marla 249L By Tameless @ The Black Fashion Fair

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Darla's Weekend In Capri's

As I was in the middle of yesterdays stroll a notice came out saying there was a gift out for an hour at a store and then it would be on sale for full price.  So I quit doing the stroll for a minute to grab it.  I threw this shirt that is no longer sold in SL to go with it.  But I'm really digging the pants.  It comes with the belt as well.  Both the pants and the belt comes with a hud to change the textures.

Once again I'm wearing Tameless hair.  I'm really hoping that I get one of the Truth Hair blogger positions.  So I can mix it up a bit, not that we all don't know that I LOVE Tameless. The hair is available at the main store in the New Releases section.  And yes ladies it comes in FANTASY colors.

Hair: Darla 249L @ Tameless

Pants: Weekend Capri 125L @ Atalante Design

Friday, April 17, 2015

Truth About Ellarie

I've had this outfit in my inventory for a bit.  Must have missed it since I get capped a lot.  Anyway. This elegant but sexy outfit comes in all mesh.  There's a HUD that comes with it so you can change the tops.  You have 6 colors to choose from.  And to help you find the best size for you there are 5 sizes to try.

Can't wait to see if my application at Truth Hair as a blogger gets accepted. I'm crossing my fingers. I really hope I get it.  So I'm wearing an older Truth, just for fun.  You can't get it anymore but it's still awesome.

Outfit: Ellarie 395L @ Indyra

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Whatta Mynx

So I was contacted by a nice lady a few days ago to blog something of hers.  I went to her store and picked out this great top that I used for a dress.  I know you're picture is not out of focus.  I'm in something a little bit out of my style.  Most of her clothing is elegant and girly.  Something for the more modest ladies.

The skin I'm wearing is called Mynx.  It is one of the 3 birthday gift group gifts out on easels.  There are 6 gifts out to grab.  You need to be part of the group which is 30L to join.

And one of the newer releases from Tameless called Zoe.  

Hair: Zoe 249L @ Tameless

Skin: Mynx (Group Gift, 30L) @ Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dress: Light Green Ruffled Top 50L @ Moni's Elegant Boutique

Lipstick: Jupiter (Crimson) 20L by Glamorize @ Marketplace