Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey, Hey Motherfunken!

Motherfunken kicks ass. If you are going for completely trashy, slutty, escort look, look no further this place has it all, net clothing, cum glasses, and cum tattoos, exposed clothing and all. Drop down and see what kind of trouble you can get into there.

Mina is lifting their 250L group fee for a short period of time, if you love their stuff I suggest you get your ass over there and join the group before its to late.

Skin: Melina 1L @ Lissee
Hair: Sala 100L @ Yuna's
Shirt: Fishnet Cardigan 100L @ Motherfunken
Pants: Fishnet Shorts 100L @ Motherfunken

Enchanting Prilla Gold

As I was lurking around the Cart Sale at the wash I was Enchanted by this outfit called Prilla Gold from Unique Clothing and fell in love with it and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Fairy Outfit - Unique Clothing-Prilla-Gold - $10L Cart Sale

Necklace & Earring Set - *N@N@*Haishi SET - $10L Cart Sale

Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" (Type A)(Ruby) - Lucky board

Skin - al vulo- giulia* cleavage tan 800 L (not free) -

DCNY Get Rich

Dress - DCNY - Get Rich Dress - If I Were Rich Hunt ($0L Free)

Necklace & Earring Set - *N@N@*Haishi SET - $10L Cart Sale

Skin - [HUSH] Lily - Ravish - Honey (mb) - Group Gift (free to join)

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Emma/Blood ( Not Free/ 250 L ) -

Prim Nails - *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Monday, August 27, 2012

My Two Toxic Bishes

CharityTrinity wearing (left) -
Skin - [HUSH] Lily - Ravish - Honey (mb) - Group Gift (free to join)
Dress- <Toxic Bish> GROUP GIFT (Dress) - Black Lace (free to join)
Hair- .:EMO-tions:. * COLIEN*/brown - groupgift (mesh) (free to join)

KylanDylan wearing (middle) -

Skin: Dream (Group Gift) @ JStylez
Outfit: Gift Clothes Man (Group Gift) @ JStylez

Julya Lykin wearing (right) -

Skin: Melina 1L @ Lissee
Dress: Group Gift Dress (Black & Red Glitter) (Group Gift) @ Toxic Bish

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Melina Is Wrapped In Ivy

Glitterati by Sapphire has this great new dress out for only 350L. For the price you get 3 different length for whatever the special occasion calls for. You can pick this dress up in blue, red, chocolate, maroon, black, green. But right now for a short time the item is on sale for 199L so run and get yours before the price gets jacked back up. The hair is from Tameless and the skin is from Lissee.

Skin: Melina 1L @ Lissee
Dress: Ivy 350L @ Glitterati by Sapphire
Hair: Ivy 199L @ Tameless

Purple Haze

Pants- .: Somnia :. Criss Cross Waders {Purple}
(not free/ $10 L ) Cart Sale

Shirt- .: Somnia :. Cranioiselle Full {Purple}
(not free/ $10 L ) Cart Sale

Shoes- *Felicity* Irina Stilettos - Group Gift in Teal Velvet
(Group Gift/ $30L to Join)

Tattoo- (flaunt) Kawaii Kitty Sleeves Tattoo
(dollarbie gift)

Elf Ears- [ bubble ] Glowy Elf Ears - FOTA #3
(Fairest of them all hunt/ Not Free/ $5L)
(Hunt Blog: )

Hair- FOTA Hunt # 10 - Tameless - Helena Cool tones
(Fairest of them all hunt/ Not Free/ $5L)
(Hunt Blog: )

Skin- [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Tabata ] - [ -1968 Hippie bronze  ]
group gift (changes at the end of august)

Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paisley Perfect

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Had to share this pretty dress from Artic Storm’s Flawless Store with you, and I love this skin from .:: JStyLe Store ::., too.  The hair is very cute, as well.

 As Paisley Heart 

A&A Riha Hair Dark Burgundy
(Voting Present F [24th August 2012 (previously blogged on ] )


Dress.:  As Paisley Heart (L$99), found @ Artic Storm's Flawless Store:

Hair:  A&A Riha Hair Dark Burgundy (Voting Present F [24th August 2012 (previously blogged on ] ), found @ Alli&Ali  Designs:

Skin:  *SKIN SARA MEDIANA* 2 (1 of many group gifts), found @  .:: JStyLe Store ::. :

Friday, August 24, 2012

Take Your Time

The new release from LC Fashion is this cute baggies outfit with tank top. You can wear it with or without the net top. It also comes with shoes. The belt is resizable. The hair is from D!va, the 25K celebration gift. The hud allows you to take choose what length you want, I chose to use the short hair.

Skin: Megan (Group Gift) @ YS & YS
Hair: Marie (Group Gift, 25k member celebration) @ D!va
Outfit: Relax w/shoes 299L @ LC Fashion

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maria Dressed by Lexi

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Stopped by Dressed by Lexi, last night, and found all these wonderful clothes and jewelry.  What a score! Simply love this skin from .:: JStyLe::., too.

 ::DBL:: Enchantress - August 2012 (group gift [dress, hair decoration only] )

::DBL:: Enchantress Jewelry (L$99)

::DBL;; Enchantress Heels ~ Caribbean (L$49)

Micha by Street Kandy (L$55 [dress, jewelry, boots] )

::DBL:: Remember ~ Dark Plum (L$99 [dress & shoes)

 TVC Edwardian pearl and ruby jewellery set (L$60 group offer by Dressed by Lexi),
A&A Cynthia Hair (color Platiunum [L$175] ),
 [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Baby Blue (L$20)

*SKIN MARIA* 9 (in free group gift "Mesh Dress + Skin + Shape" [using my own shape] )

1st Dress:  ::DBL:: Enchantress - August 2012 (group gift), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

1st Jewelry set:  ::DBL:: Enchantress Jewelry (L$99), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

Shoes:  ::DBL;; Enchantress Heels ~ Caribbean (L$49), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

2nd Outfit:  Micha by Street Kandy (L$55), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

3rd Outfit:  ::DBL:: Remember ~ Dark Plum (L$99), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

2nd Jewelry set:  TVC Edwardian pearl and ruby jewellery set (L$60 group offer), found @ Dressed by Lexi:

Skin:  *SKIN MARIA* 9 (in free group gift "Mesh Dress + Skin + Shape" [using my own shape] ), pick dress 2nd from left on bottom on group gift clothes wall), found @ .::JStyLe Store::. :

Shape:  Wearing my own custom shape by Shame me Designs:

Hair:  A&A Cynthia Hair (color Platiunum [L$175] ), found @ Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore:

Eyes:  [ROCKBERRY] Eyes/Baby Blue (L$20), found @ [ROCKBERRY] Shopping Center:

A Lilac Corsage For You?

I just can't get enough of Pink Cherry or this Hush skin =P. Pink Cherry always comes out with the most classy but sexy clothing. I love the textures that they use for their products. I'm just overwhelmed by the skin from Hush, its so me. My tattoo's were a past group gift, but I just seem not to be able to take them off. The hair is from Zero Style.

Hair: You @ Zero Style
Skin: Lily (Ravish-Cream) (Group Gift) @ Hush
Outfit: Corsage (Lilac) 249L @ Pink Cherry

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Filthy Guy Cleans Up at Wilson's

Blog by Ishmael Sands

Hi again, out there My Haters' Lovers.  Today, we have an outfit from Wilson's, a skin from Filthy Skins (nice skin, not too chizzled, realistic but sexy), hair from Secrets Hair (previously blogged), and eyes from UNIQUE MEGASTORE (previously blogged).

On the Hunt Gift (from old hunt outfits wall)

August. -Filthy group gift - M

Outfit:  Wilson's - On the Hunt Gift (Blk Tank, Bronze Leather Pants [L$50 old hunt outfits wall] ), found @ Wilson's Clothing:

Skin:  August. -Filthy group gift - M (comes in 4 shades [free but L$199 to join group] ), found @ Filthy Skins Mainstore:

Hair:  [TS] Kadaj Hair - Blondes II (blond pack L$200 [Copper worn] ), found @ Secrets Hair:

Eyes:  Expressive Eyes 2 (blue [L$179] ), found @ UNIQUE MEGASTORE:

Shape:  Personal, (but others quite similar and made by same creator/s (L$50 during Dare to Bare Hunt, normally L$200 [reg new price] -L$500 [custom] [previously blogged] ) found @ Shame Me Designs:

Calling Dr. FeelGood

This doctor get up comes from the group gift from Magical Nightmare, they send out many gifts for both men and women, so it would be definitely worth joining the group. If you do not want to join the group you can find this outfit on marketplace for 15L. The skin is from Birth, and the shape is from Shame Me Designs (my store).

Shape: Riley (Free) @ Shame Me Designs
(Also can be found in group notices, 5L group join secondlife:///app/group/3dd9a213-a280-7ff3-38ef-eda9a4de9cf3/about)

Lily Begs For Discipline

Fashion Voodoo is going on till September 30th.  You can pick up this kick ass dress from Sassy!  It's only 97L.  It comes in Red, White, Pink & Black.  It has amazing texture, shiny (ooo, shiny =P) & netting for that perfect touch.  The hair is from Tameless & the skin is from Hush. 
(*Disclaimer about Hush on the bottom if you care.*)

Dress: Discipline Dress 97L From Sassy! @ Fashion Voodoo
Skin: Lily (Ravish-Cream) (Group Gift) @ Hush
Hair: Mindi 199L @ Tameless
Eyeshadow: Bomb Eyeshadow-4 5L @ Glamorize


I hear that there is a law suit between Hush & Curio.  I just want to exclaim that I do not take either side.  I am from the United States and here you are innocent until proven guilty.  The outcome of the trial will decide weather I stop blogging Hush or not.  Otherwise its she said, she said. (Let the hate mail roll in.)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bloody Mary's Now a Bloody Bride

I hopped online after a short break and this nifty avi was waiting for me. A few days ago I joined this group called Magical Nightmares. Today they delivered this great avi. Now you can join the group for 5L and get this in the notices, or you can go on marketplace and grab it for 25L. They also sent out a guy gift, which I will blog later on tonight.

Avatar (Minus shape): Bloody Bride 25L @ Marketplace by Magical Nightmare
(Also can be found in group notices, 5L group join secondlife:///app/group/3dd9a213-a280-7ff3-38ef-eda9a4de9cf3/about)

Hey Hot Stuff, Can you Hush The Tameless?

Down & Dirty Hunt started on the 11th. Here is the prize you can find @ Hot Stuff. The skin is from Hush & the hair is Tameless.

Skin: Lily (Ravish-Vanilla) (Group Gift) @ Hush
Hair: Alexandria 199L @ Tameless
Dress: Red Zone (Down & Dirty Hunt) @ Hot Stuff

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Pink Cherry

The dress inspired me to go for the theme of tattoo'd pin up girl, which is my favorite style. This dress went perfectly. It is available in 5 different colors. Black, Grey, Purple, Pink, Cyan. Bracelets come with the outfit. The hair is from Tameless & the skin is from Hush, its their group gift.

Skin: Lily (Ravish-Vanilla) (Group Gift) @ Hush
Hair: Alexandria 199L @ Tameless
Dress: Seductive Minidress 195L @ Pink Cherry

Friday, August 10, 2012


I thought I would share my favorite silk of all time. I am not much for silks but I look for opportunities to be able to wear this. It's gorgeous it changes colors & completely interactive. Someone else can click your top and it will rip down, or the can take it off. But there is a acceptance menu that comes down before you're completely nude. This silk is awesome and it made by Gima Designs. The skin is from Angeldust & the hair is from Dameselfly.  The lipstick is from Glamorize.

Queen Of The Disco

Dancing Queen comes with the skirt, heels, top & necklace. This is the group gift, it cost 10L to join the group. They also have 2 lucky chairs to get sexy clothing from. In my great efforts to continue to promote stores even after the hunt is over, I will definitely be coming back to this one to blog later.

Outfit: Disco Queen (Group Gift, 10L Join) @ Hot Stuff
Skin: Lovely (Group Gift) @ Jstylez
Hair: Sophia (Scribo) @ ChiChickie

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classy Vintage

Blossom has this delicate classy and sexy dress. It comes in 3 different pastel colors: green, peach or blue. The skin is by Angeldust & the hair is from Tameless of course.

Dress: Vintage Lace (Pastel Green) 150L @ Blossom
Skin: Destiny 200L @ Angeldust
Hair: Leah 199L @ Tameless

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hailey Makes The Perfect Kajira

I love each time I open a blogger package from Vaxer. There is always something to drool over. This week I just love this outfit. It is FANTASTIC for role playing, or would definitely get you a prize @ a club theme.  The hair is from Analog Dog, and the skin is from Tori's Stylez.

Outfit: Kajira Green 99L @ Vaxer
Skin: Hailey 499L @ Tori's Stylez
Hair: Ladonna (free) @ Analog Dog