Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Madness

Was so excited when Amacci sent a notice about there Halloween October Gift Hair, I so ran for it and grabbed it up, its so adorable! Then I got a note-card from Aphrodite Restaurant, Halloween Megastore & Coffeehouse ! about a dollarbie mesh Halloween dress and was floored on how cute it was. So don't miss out on the Halloween Madness about to start in October! Enjoy!

Mesh Dress - SLC Gift Halloween Dress (Halloween $1 L Gift in pumpkin by Halloween area) -

Hair - Amacci Hair Nami ~ Night + Pumpkin ( Halloween October Gift $0L) -

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L -

Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Talk Nerdy To Me!

Outfit/glasses- .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Anna - Pink *Almost FREE* (Dollarbie $1L on Marketplace) -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Eva/Espresso (Not Free/ $250 L) -

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L -

Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Could Get Luckie

I ran across this naughty store that was right up my alley. The first thing I saw where these kick ass jeans. The show most of your ass in the back & LOW cut in the front. The come in several different colors so you can be sure to find something that fits your taste.  They also have this incredibly cute and sexy corset skirt shown in pic # 2.  It has fantastic detail.

To say that I am a MAJOR Sons Of Anarchy Fan is putting it lightly.  In honor of Opie's death (RIP).  I decided to blog my tattoo that I always wear.  The tatt is unisex and looks good on man or woman.

The top is a halter top I found that was cute on marketplace.  It also comes with apple bottom jeans which is NOT shown.

The hair is from pic # 1 is from .:ARI:..  It comes w/a mouth piece also.  The second hair is a group gift from Salon de Glow.  Also another personal favorite.

The skin is from one of my favorite skin designers AngelDust.  Which I have blogged a few times before.

Pic # 1

Tattoo: Sons Of Anarchy 99L @ Marketplace
Skin: Celeste 500L @ AngelDust
Top: Halter Top by Delish @ Marketplace
Pants: Ripped Mooner Jeans 250L @ Luckies
Hair: Hannah 299L @ .:ARI:.

Pic # 2

Hair: Venus (Group Gift, free) @ Salon de Glow
Skin: Celeste 500L @ AngelDust
Top: Halter Top by Delish @ Marketplace
Skirt: Corset Skirt 99L @ Luckie

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sexy And I Know It!

GraffitiWear has a new release out that are super sexy panties with words saying "Sexy And I know It" on them and there only $100L for a full pack of assorted colors Lilac being my favorite. So head on down and grab this hot things you will love them and so will your guy if you have one *winks*

Panties - Graffitiwear Girls Jock Panties in Lilac (available in many colors) 
(words "Sexy and I know it") (Not Free $100L) - 

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/Espresso ( Not Free/ $250L) - 

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L - 

Jewelry Set - Chloe: Beloved Set [Antique/Royals] (Free $0L)- 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Peyton in September

Dress - Morea Style -  EXCLUSIVE GIFT MEMBERS GROUP - SEPTEMBER *PEYTON* (Group Gift Free to Join) -

Earrings - Chloe: Diamante Cuore Earrings [Silver] (free)

Hair (non-rigged mesh) - >TRUTH< Sam w/Roots - espresso (Subo/Group Gift Sept)

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L - 

Shoes- [IHS] Bows Bows Distressed Black (free) -

Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

My Surreal Life

Princess Verwood the owner of Thirteenth (a designer that participated in D2B4), sent me a notecard letting me know that she has opened a new sim called Surreal Fashion District. In this sim she has some FANTASTIC designers. I had the honor to be able to run around and talk to all the great designers. Here are some of the items that they are offering @ the sim.

Also they have a discount section where NOTHING is more then 75L.

This great men's outfit comes w/a long sleeve shirt, skull hoodie & jeans.  The jacket is scripted so you can fit it on any size.  The hair is from A&A, the skin is from Birth.  The shape is the Jaxx shape for 100L @ my shop, Shame Me Designs.  We just moved so we are still under construction.

Lushish Cats

Lushish Cats has this great outfit for guys available @ the Surreal Fashion District. Scorpion comes w/a button down shirt 1/2 way open w/cuffs & torn cargos. Again the skin is from Birth, hair from A&A, & the shape from Shame Me Designs.

Hot Stuff

The next 2 outfits are from Hot Stuff.  Female outfit is called Dominatrix.  It comes with this great detailed top, skirt, gloves, nylons, whip, lipstick & HUD controlled boots.  The skin is from Egoisme & the hair is from Calico Ingramm Creations.

The discount item available from Hot Stuff is 40L.  It comes with this awesomely sexy top,   And applebottom shorts.  The skin is from Egoisme & the hair is from Tameless.


CandyMetal outdoes themselves with this extremely revealing mini dress, (a mesh belt comes not shown).  The skin is from BeautyCode.  The hair is from Yuna's Hair.


Fiend has an array of items both mesh & non mesh available @ the new location.  The skin is from BeautyCode and the hair is from Catwa.  For 250L you get not one but TWO sexy bodysuits.  One black/red & the other black/yellow.  

Lola's Creations

In Surreal Fashion District Lola's Creations has mostly Mesh outfit.  This is one of the ones that is not.  The dress comes w/ a script shirt, see through dress, collar, nylons, & boots.  The hair is from Calico Ingramm Creations & the skin is from BeautyCode.

Pic # 1-3:

Shape: Jaxx 100L @ Shame Me Designs
Skin: Jack (Straw) Jawline Body Normal Hair 990L @ Birth
Outfit: Skeleton Hoodie 105L @ Thirteenth
Hair: Chris (Free) @ Marketplace

Pic # 4

Shape: Jaxx 100L @ Shame Me Designs
Skin: Jack (Straw) Jawline Body Normal Hair 990L @ Birth
Hair: Chris (Free) @ Marketplace
Outfit: Scorpion 200L @ Lushish Cats

Pic # 5

Outfit: Dominatrix 75L @ Hot Stuff
Hair: Darla  200L @ Calico Ingramm
Skin: Melinda 1500L @ Egoisme

Pic # 6

Outfit: Sensation 75L @ Hot Stuff
Skin: Melinda 1500L @ Egoisme

Pic # 7

Hair: Sala 100L @ Yuna's Hair
Dress: Ran Dress 150L @ CandyMetal
Skin: Angelina 650L @ BeautyCode

Pic # 8

Skin: Angelina 650L @ BeautyCode
Hair: Carolena 250L @ Catwa
Outfit: Reconcile 250L @ Fiend

Pic # 9

Skin: Angelina 650L @ BeautyCode
Outfit: Samantha 195L @ Lola Creations
Hair: Arianna 200L @ Calico Ingmann Creations

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Watch The Peekshow At Decadent

So my bestie & I got together once again to head over to one of my good friends, designer Andrea Sage, the owner of Decadent. We ran around on a shopping spree and found these 2 hawt outfits to show off to ya. The dress I'm wearing is called Peekaboo, it has holes everywhere.  She is wearing Corselette, which has a very sexy back to it.  We decided to take individual pictures of the back so you can seen the great details that is put into these outfits that Andrea does.

Thank you Andrea for the shopping spree, we <3 you!

Charity is wearing...

Outfit - Complete Corselette-Red - By DECADENT ($150L) -
Boots - STRUTTA 2-Red - By DECADENT ($100L)
Earrings - MTP Casey red flower earrings (FFH Hunt/ Free)
Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/Espresso ( Not Free/ $250L) -
Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L -
Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Julya is wearing...

Dress: Peepshow Mini Dress Black @ Decadent
Hair: Trigger 200L @ Secrets Hair Skin: Celeste 500L @
Shoes: Strattus 2 Black 100L @ Decadent
Skin: Celeste 500L @ AngelDust

Monday, September 17, 2012

Serra Causes A Distraction

If you haven't heard yet.  Panda Punx is shutting their in-world doors.  They are having a 60% off store clearance sale, Sept. 15-Sept. 22, 2012.  The group is free so you can gather up all her great group gifts before the doors close.  This skin is one of her new releases Serra.  I just love it, and it can be yours too @ 280L.

The hair is from Tameless, of course.  The tattoo's are no longer available.  The finger tape is not included in the outfit.  The outfit is called Distraction from SZD, it's only 100L  It comes with the wife beater, shorts, & socks.

The shoes are from Decadent.  Another one my favorite places to shop, not to mention that the owner kicks ass.

Hair: Leah 199L @ Tameless
Outfit: Distraction 100L @ SZD
Skin: Serra 280L @ Panda Punx
Shoes: Decadent Stars 75L @ Decadent

Sunday, September 16, 2012

*** Immortalis ***

Blogged by Annabella Noel

I came across a very nice freebie place called *** Immortalis ***.  It wasn't huge or anything but it had the nicest group of non-freebie-looking clothes (some things for men, too), so of course I cleaned up in there as quickly as I could, as usual.  I'm so-o-o-o greedy! >;-D  Fun Sim:  I explored the whole area and found their regular store, as well, which has some fairly awesome stuff, not to mention their haunted house, which has cool scary stuff for sale in there, too.  I know I'll be going back!  By the way, the slurls will take you to a teleport board, and then you need to choose *** Immortalis *** Freebies from there to teleport to.

Pink Bunny complete outfit including hair (outfit's boots not shown)
but with NB Boots Black leather kicks

NB Lady Night Female complete Outfit

NB Selina Blue shirt & jeans

NB Nanaa white & silver mini dress
with NB Boots Black leather kicks

 NB CONJUNTO lUX PRETO (outfit with top, pants, coat w/black mink stole & belt)
with NB Boots Black leather kicks

NB Mistress long evening gown

SKIN - Rihanna

Outfit 1 & Hair:  pink bunny, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Outfit 2:  NB Lady Night Female Outfit, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Outfit 3:  NB Selina Blue, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Outfit 4:  NB Nanaa, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Outfit 5:  NB CONJUNTO lUX PRETO, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Outfit 6:  NB Mistress, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Boots:  NB Boots Black leather kicks, found @ *** Immortalis *** Freebies (choose Freebies from the landing point):

Flawless in Flowers

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Artic Storm Flawless Store has a nice dress on the Subscribe-O and Alli&Ali has a hair gift for voting for their next hair to make. Enjoy!

As Angeline Purple 1300 Subscribe-o-gift (3 skirt looks)

A&A Riha Hair Dark Burgundy (Voting Present F [24th August 2012] )

Dress.:  As Angeline Purple 1300 Subscribe-o-gift (3 skirt looks), found in Artic Storm Subscribe-O-Matic @ Artic Storm's Flawless Store:

Hair:  A&A Riha Hair Dark Burgundy (Voting Present F [24th August 2012] ), found @ Alli&Ali  Designs:

What's Your Desire?

My sister is always hard at work designing awesome clothing for all of you. This is her latest, her fantastic lingerie has GREAT detail. It comes in several different colors, you'll just have to run down to the shop to see how many. The lace has fine texturing to it. And it comes with a bra and panty set.

The hair is from my favorite store, Tameless. One day I will own everything in that store I promise you that lol...

The skin is from Lissee, I just can't stop wearing this skin it seriously rocks.

Lingerie: Desire (Grape) 199L @ Tori's Stylez
Skin: Daena 1L @ Lissee
Hair: Nancy 199L @ Tameless

Looking for Big Bad Wolf?

Are you looking for your big bad wolf? Well I have the perfect outfit to draw him into you its called Naughty Red from DivaLicious its Fairytale Fantasy Hunt's starting prize and ladies this is HOT. Don't miss out on grabbing this up to go wolf hunting *laughs*.

 Outfit - DivaLicious - Naughty Red ( Fairytale Fantasy Hunt [FFH] $0L Free) 
Hint : Sit down and have a cuppa before starting this amazing hunt.

Earrings - Violet Mafia: Bliensen + MaiTai Gift - Forgotten Love  - (Group Gift/Free to Join)

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/Espresso ( Not Free/ $250L) - 

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L - 

Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Goodbye To Panda Punx

Today is a sad day. I got word that in ONE week a very sweet, and generous designer will be leaving the grid.  I'm sure you have been there at least once in her 2 years of being on SL.  Situations beyond her control is forcing her to shut down her store in SL.  Although, you can still find her EXCELLENT skins on marketplace (  We hope to see her back in the NEAR future.

She is shutting down her main store today.  But she will have her branch store on Sugulite open for one week.  There they are having a 60% off sale.  Grab it while you can.  Also, she has opened her group up so you can take full advantage of the great group gifts she has too offer.

The hair is from the Finding Fabfree Hunt.  The stop is number 9.  It comes with a color changer and hairbases.  Along with the hair for men which also works great for women.

The outfit is from a Dare2Bare designer Artful Designs.  This greatly textured latex outfit is a must have.

Hair: Dara (Finding FabFree Hunt, Stop #9) @ Chichickie
Outfit: Vangaurd 99L @ Artful Deisgns
Skin: Arianne (Sunkissed ~ Cat Eyeliner) @ Panda Punx

Friday, September 14, 2012

Signature Sexy

Was exploring my favorite skin shop of all time Al Vulo when suddenly in my wildest dreams I catch the new skin Group Gift called Julia Intense Night and couldn't be more happier I did its fantastic! Then whats this Mesh Lingerie that caught my eye and I mean this caused a sparkle in them the detail is amazing so don't miss out on the Signature Series Mesh Underwear by multiple designers. And they have all personally "signed" their own design on the tags and packaging with special texture "cards" included made specifically for this clothing line. The One I'm wearing is called "Black Lace" By Frank Windlow of ONYX Wear.

Mesh Lingerie -  :OW: "Black Lace" (by Frank Windlow of ONYX Wear) Bra/Panties (Signature Series at Al Vulo) (Not Free/ L$239)

Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift (Free to Join) -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Eva/Night ( Not Free/ $250L) - 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angelina Will You Fall 4 Me?

Getting my Bestie to start blogging for me was one of the greatest things.  We get together and take pics together.  Which works since we are both picture whores.  So here is a our latest addition.  Our fearless leader from Sit Here Slap This, an AWESOME freebies group, secondlife:///app/group/6373b8ff-a9ef-f89d-1ff4-b34e00ae9e07/about,  that I'm involved with, and blog strickly freebies on, Victoria Bazylinski gave me a few gift cards she had stashed away from Danika, so I threw her a card and we went and grabbed outfits.  Thank you Vic!!

Danika specializes in DIRTY teen fashion.  You can get awesome full outfits for 399L or less.  Most clothing comes with shirt, pants, socks of some kind and shoes.

Julya Lykin is wearing....

Outfit: Warm My Heart 399L @ Danika
Hair: Leah 199L @ Tameless
Skin: Angelina Pale ~ Dark Smokey 650L

CharityTrinity is wearing....


Skin - al vulo- julia * intense night cleavage sunkissed group gift (Free to Join) -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/Espresso - (Not Free/ $250L ) -

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WoW Peplum!

Got a Notice from Zenith fashion about there beautiful Mesh dress called Peplum, absolutely love it! Enjoy this awesome perfection mesh dress!

Mesh Dress - =Zenith=(Begie/Lace) Peplum Dress (Group Gift, Free To Join) -

Skin - .::WoW Skins::. Dalila Skin GG august CL ( August Group Gift/ Not Free to Join/ $150L Many Other Group Gifts plus MM broads and Lucky) -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Eva/Night ( Not Free/ $250L) -

Prim Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing After Midnight

I have many different friends on here, from all different countries, and interest in SL. Sometimes I take time off of blogging and just chair hop. A friend of mine teleported me to her new shop. Her designers were just really cute. The textures are amazing and the designers are detailed. I'm wearing Sweet Heart. It comes in 7 different colors: blue, red, black, yellow, white, teal & purple. For 250L you get 2 great dresses, one ballroom gown, one kneel length & the other thigh high. 

The hair is from Catwa called Carolena, in Blood. You can snag it for 250L too.

Hair: Carolena 250L @ CaTwA
Dresses: Sweet Heart (All 3 dresses) 250L @ Rika Designs
Skin: Celeste 500L @ AngelDust

Monday, September 10, 2012

Legal Insanity In Camo

Got a awesome note-card from Legal Insanity with a awesome duo September Group gift with male and female camo outfits. So head on down and join their group (Not Free to Join/ $50L).  Also I recently posted these sexy Mesh Latex Boots from Pink Pearl I fabulously love them such a must have in any Mesh lovers inventory. Don't forget to stop by CaTwA, Al Vulo, Sexy Mamas, Shame Me Designs, Birth.  Enjoy!

CharityTrinity is wearing.....

Outfit - Legal Insanity - Group Gift September 2012 ( Group Gift 50L to Join) -

Boots - [PPD] Latex Boots - Electric Pack (Red) ( New Release/ Not Free/ Pack $1,199 L or Single $299 L [ 25% off if in Pink Pearl Group] ) -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Eva/Night ( Not Free/ $250L) -

Skin: al vulo- giulia* gold cleavage tan 800 L (not free) -

Nails- *Sexy Mamas* Manicure 2 - Sculpted Prim Nails $199L (not free)

KylanDylan is wearing...

Shape: Jaxx 50L @ Shame Me Designs

Skin: Jack (Straw) Jawline Body Normal Hair 990L @ Birth

Pants: Camo (Group Gift, 50L Join) @ Legal Insanity

A Pair Of Jacks

Best male skin maker bar none is Birth.  The coloring and details is amazing.  It has soo many different facial hairs & muscle styles to choose from.  Since Sons of Anarchy season premier is TOMORROW, I thought I would get a jump start on it today and blog my Jaxx shape.  And what a qwink a dink that the skin from Birth is name Jack.  

If found the hair on Marketplace its one of Alli&Ali promotional colors of Phil.  It comes with a tattoo base & resize script.

The clothing is the new release from Lash Ware.  It comes with leather pants & 2 different style button down shirts.  One has the sleeves rolled up, and the other is full length.

Shape: Jaxx 50L @ Shame Me Designs
Outfit: Camo Nights 25L @ <Lash-Ware>
Skin: Jack (Straw) Jawline Body Normal Hair 990L @ Birth
Hair: Phil (Free, Marketplace) by Alli&Ali

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Going Batty

The Little Bat has this outstanding color dress on sale for 180L. It comes in about 8 different colors. The dress stands alone, or you can wear the cute leggings that come with the outfit. The skin is the group gift from Filthy. It takes 250L to join the group, but they always send out quality skins every month. The hair is from Mina & it is free on the counter.

Outfit: Vivian 180L @ The Little Bat
Hair: Amber @ Mina
Skin: GG Sept (Group Gift, 250L join) @ Filthy