Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Nurse

..:: Ho Wear ::.. has gone and done it again, always creating awesome designs, every 24 hours she puts up something new on a wall for $25 L and I thought this was super Hot for a costume for a nurse it comes in a multiple of colors, Don't miss out on it being $25 L today if not you can buy it in full price. JeSyLiLO has there super cute new Group Gift skin up also so go grab that up too! Have a Scary-Tastic Halloween!

Nurse Costume - ..:: Ho Wear ::.. H:: Open up and say Ahhhhh purple ::H ( $25 L for a limited time 24 hours but if you miss out you can always buy it for full price) -

Skin - *JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*HappyEidAdha (Group Gift/ free to join) -

Hair - >TRUTH< Evelyn w/Roots - espresso (Not Free/ $250 L) -

Friday, October 19, 2012

Vaxer's At It Again!

Vaxer has been rebuilding, and it looks AWESOME.  Here are some of the newest items from them.  Their clothing always has great detail and unique designs to them.  The outfits come with accessories and shoes.  The skin is from Aeve/Heartsick.  The hair is from Analog Dog, Mina & Tameless.





Pic # 1 & 2

Outfit: Naya 399L @ Vaxer
Hair: LaDonna (Free) @ Analog Dog
Skin: Jaci 2 (Group Gift, 100 Join) in Aeve // Hearsick VIP group secondlife:///app/group/701f2708-eb89-6c20-5800-b07a5785f867/about

Pic # 3

Outfit: Sonya 399L @ Vaxer
Hair: Trigger (Inflames) 200L @ Secrets Hair
Skin: Jaci 2 (Group Gift, 100 Join) in Aeve // Hearsick VIP group secondlife:///app/group/701f2708-eb89-6c20-5800-b07a5785f867/about

Pic # 4

Outfit: Xandara 399L @ Vaxer
Skin: Jaci 2 (Group Gift, 100 Join) in Aeve // Hearsick VIP group secondlife:///app/group/701f2708-eb89-6c20-5800-b07a5785f867/about
Hair: Amber (Free) @ Mina

Pic # 5

Outfit: Irene 399L @ Vaxer
Skin: Jaci 4 (Group Gift, 100 Join) in Aeve // Hearsick VIP group secondlife:///app/group/701f2708-eb89-6c20-5800-b07a5785f867/about
Hair: Foxi 199L @ Tameless

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Wisp of Sassy!

The corset dress is part of the Forgotten Closet project.  The outfit will be available until Halloween.  It comes in 2 other versions, not shown.  The skin is the group gift from Filthy, the lipstick is from Glamorize and the hair is from Mina.

Skin: Maria (Group Gift, 199L Join) @ Filthy
Dress: Wisp 100L by Sassy! @ Forgotten Closet
Make Up: Simple Allure (Violet) 21L @ Glamorize

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Witchy Witchy Woman

So excited to blog CK* Crazy Kitty, there having a cute little hunt with all that is Charity is wearing except  skin and hair, this is one of my favorite shops as of lately don't miss out on all this cuteness. Also my favorite hair store CaTwA has posted a promo hair on Marketplace called Jessica that is Mesh and super pretty and is only $99L what a great deal. Have a wonderful Fall Season.

Outfit - CK* Crazy Kitty & Drezzique pyjamas Mainstore Halloween hunt outfit & Items (Look for all 9 plus bonus pink bat kitty's around the store) [join group free to join] -

Hair - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Jessica/Espresso (MP Promo $99L) {find all colors not only blacks}  -Demo -

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L -

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting It Together With AngelDust

AngelDust is completely awesome & low price. Right now they are having a major sale for Halloween. All skins are 99L & fat packs are 500L. The skins alone are normally 500L a piece. So you better grab them now, and be able to get 5 times as much. Also she is having a great little Halloween hunt there on the grounds of the shop. That and the sim is just dressed up kick ass for the holiday. Plus they have a free photo studio up.

The prizes have been blogged on Yer Mawm so go take a peek.

Pic # 1

Hair: Leah 199L @ Tameless
Skin: Destiny 99L @ Angeldust
Lingerie: Micaela 149L @ Together Inc

Pic # 2

Skin: Celeste 99L @ Angeldust
Lingerie: Chantel 149L @ Together Inc.
Hair: (No Longer Available)

Pic # 3

Outfit: Expose 249L @ Together Inc
Skin: Celeste 99L @ Angeldust
Hair: (No Longer Available)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boudoir's Bellamorte

Famous Boudoir's Halloween Fair!!!
This year is located in really scary haunted mansion that is great fun, you will enjoy to explore every corner of this place and of course, they prepared amazing items for you, to be Fantastically Awesome for this Halloween!!! I'm wearing the costume called Bellamorte Gothic Lolita and it even includes the Hair. This is now my favorite all time costume, the details are amazing and it even comes with a mesh corset option and a shirt texture option for those that don't like mesh much or there viewers just don't like it. Have a wonderful and fantastic October and Halloween Season! Hugs!

Costume - Boudoir - Bellamorte-Gothic Lolita (hair included) [Not Free/ $750 L] -

Skin - al vulo!- Polly 2*  natural claveage caramel (Not Free/ $800L -

Lipstick - R.icielli - Lipstick NEON/ 03 ( not free/ $5L on MP) -

Eye Make-up - ee. Midnight-noir (not free/ $5L on MP)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Sexy Devil With A Fever

If you have a Devil/Angel contest to win. This will definitely do it. It comes with the dress, horns, wings & mesh boots. The skin is the newest thing from Al Vulo. And the hair is from Freebies Fever.

Outfit: Sexy Devil 300L @ Black & White Designs
Skin: Livia (Group Gift, Free) @ Al Vulo
Hair: Amelia (Free) @ Freebie Fever

Amber You Wild Thang

Blossom is a cute little shop on the Reasonable Desires sim. It has this great little dress out for 175L. It comes in different shades, and also comes with the shoes. The hair is from Mina & skin from YS&YS.

Hair: Amber (Free) @ Mina
Skin: Megan (Group Gift, Free) @ YS&YS
Dress: Wild Thang: Sherbet Dress 175L @ Blossom

Mina Feels Decadent & Luckie

Luckie is participating in Grenade-Free Wednesday's where every Wednesday store owners will place an item out the front of there store and mark is 100L or less for 1 day only! Well, Luckie has theirs out still for only 49L. You have the choice of 9 different colors. The hair is free from Mina. The jeans are from Decadent. They come in several different shades & you get 3 jeans to a pack for 150L. Normal, belted, & unzipped.

Skin: Megan (Group Gift, Free) @ YS&YS
Shirt: Zipper Sheer Top 49L by Luckie @ Jersey Shore
Pants: Soho Jeans 150L @ Decadent

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Have A Kinky Halloween

Hot Stuff is participating in the A Kinky Halloween Hunt, they are stop # 18.  The gift comes with makeup, hat, broom, nylons, gloves and top.  The boots are from Boudoir which is a free group gift.

Boots: Pony Girl (Group Gift, Free) @ Boudoir
Skin: Maria (Group Gift, 199L Join) @ Filthy
Outfit: Witch's Costume (A Kinky Halloween hunt  Stop # 18 ) @ Hot Stuff
Hair: Jess (Group Gift, Free) @ Tameless

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dazzling Swag

I just LOVE sporty clothes. I'm such a tomboy, so I'm LOVING the Swag Fest. Sassy has this cute sexy sassy sporty outfit out in several colors, and its only 150L. Panda Punx is no longer in-world but she sent me this very realistic skin that is her new release go check it out. The hair is from .:ARI:..

Outfit: Sporty Set (Navy) 150L @ Swag Fest
Lipstick: Dazzling (Neutral) 15L @ Glamorize

Mock's A Zombie Beauty

I just love logging on and fantastic designers have dropped amazing outfits in my inventory.  Thirteenth sent me this spooky dress, called Zombie Beauty.  It comes in 6 different colors.

Mockie from Mock Cosmetics is having a quiz give away and I was the first winner...WOOOT!   Here is my prize Plum Orgueil Rouge Makeup.  One of the MANY perks of being a Mocklet.  So if you haven't done it yet.  JOIN MOCK COSMETICS... secondlife:///app/group/e11a6d53-5df5-7959-c742-b5a5c55f044f/about

Skin: Maria (Group Gift, 199L Join) @ Filthy
Make Up: Plum Orgueil Rouge Makeup by Mock Cosmetics (Group Prize, 250L Join secondlife:///app/group/e11a6d53-5df5-7959-c742-b5a5c55f044f/about)
Dress: Zombie Beauty 96L @ Thirteenth
Hair: Darla  200L @ Calico Ingramm

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One Minute Normal...The Next Bizzare

Hot Stuff has an unusual group gift out this month. It is a great Superwoman costume with a twist. They have named it SuperBizzareGirl, which is well named since it comes with the cute little halter top & mini flexi skirt & a tattoo layer that gives it a bit of the "Joker" feel to it. So weather you feel like being sexy or a bit twisted, the 10L join fee is well worth the price.

Outfit: SuperBizzareGirl (Group Gift, 10L Join) @ Hot Stuff
Skin: Celeste 500L @ AngelDust
Hair: Alexandria 199L @ Tameless

Alanna Is Raw

L3S has this extremely sexy outfit out new for 199L.. The boots that come with this outfit alone is worth 199L. Then you get bangels, nylons, & dress. Awesome to say the least. The hair is from Raw House. The skin is from Red Sand on Marketplace.

Dress: Alanna 199L @ L3S
Hair: Raquella 250L @ Raw House
Skin: Promotion 1L @ Marketplace