Friday, December 28, 2012

Decadent Twisted Krissmuss

1Hundred has some of the most awesome Mesh clothing around.  The first picture comes from the Twisted Krissmuss.  The second picture is an awesome new release.  The hair is from Catwa.  The skin is from AngelDust.

Pic # 1:

Outfit: Slip On Set 100L @ 1Hundred

Pic # 2:

Pants: Sholo Pants (Black) 150L @ Decadent
Shirt: Expose Shirt 100L @ 1Hundred

Monday, December 24, 2012

Going Batty at Krissmuss

Blogged by Annabella Noel

Ok, I'll have to admit I'm going batty for stuff from The Little Bat's Twisted Krissmuss, Gothmas by Gaslight Festival, and Horror haute/Etc.--and I'm going to prove it to you right now.  Just look at all the wonder stuff they have going for you here:

Twisted (This is the goods in The Little Bat store):  Quote:  Twisted Krissmuss is a holiday event, that makes it affordable to give gifts! From Dec. 7th - Jan 4th, all items are trans for giving away as a gift, if you so choose.

Gothmas by Gaslight Festival (goods shown @ the festival):  Quote:  The Gothmas by Gaslight Festival runs from Dec. 15th - Jan. 15th. Gachas and other goodies are available from many other designers as well.

Horror haute/Etc.:  Quote:  At The Little Bat, Horror Haute for December runs from Dec 22nd - Dec 31st. Each rigged mesh corset is 50L. Demos are available to try!

Note:  L$30 group join.  As every new release is given out, a group gift is given, too, usually a color of the released item such as an outfit, and a skin dollarbie on the front desk.

!TLB - Lydia Dress (shown Blue of fatpack)

 !TLB - Candy Horns (Blue) & !TLB - Twisted Candy Tail (Blue)

!TLB - Cardigan (shown blue) Gacha Fatpack of 6 colors, & The Mini Burton Tree Gacha (L$15 a try)

!TLB - (Mesh) Morte Corset & !TLB - Batty Necklace (Pearl [black] )

!TLB - (Mesh) Noir Corset

!TLB - Lucian Suit Fatpack AD (L$100)

Dress:  !TLB - Lydia Dress (shown Blue of fatpack) (fatpack comes w/4 colors, all for L$100 (each one is gift bagged and trans), found @ The Little Bat store: , & @ Gothmas by Gaslight Festival the Riley dresses are L$80, and trans.:

Sweater (only):  !TLB - Cardigan (shown blue) Gacha Fatpack of 6 colors, found @ Gothmas by Gaslight Festival (Crossed Cardigan gacha is 25L a try, with a rare prize of the fatpack.):

Necklace:  !TLB - Batty Necklace (Pearl [black] ), found as freebie you can find under the Christmas tree, along with 2 other gifts @ The Little Bat store:

Corsets:  !TLB - (Mesh) Morte Corset & !TLB - (Mesh) Noir Corset, Rigged mesh corsets (L$50 each), demos available, found @ The Little Bat store:

Horns & Tail:   !TLB - Candy Horns (Blue) & !TLB - Twisted Candy Tail (Blue) (horns & tails are L$50 each, also trans.), found @ The Little Bat store:

Shoulder Pet:  The Panda Jack Shoulder Pet (talks) (L$25 & trans.), found @ The Little Bat store:

Skin:  !TLB - Molly Skin Dollarbie, found @ The Little Bat store (monthly dollarbie gift):

Tree:  The Mini Burton Tree Gacha (L$15 a try), found @ The Gothmas by Gaslight Festival:


Outfit (Male picture taken & modeled by Ishmael Sands):  !TLB - Lucian Suit Fatpack AD (L$100), found @ The Little Bat store:

Skin (M):  **Story Leaf** Patrick Vampire Gift skin (L$1), found @ Marketplace:

Makeup (M):  .:Glamorize:  Guyliner Eye Makeup (L$5), found @ .:Glamorize:. :

Hair (M):  A&A Balthar Hair black (#1) (L$175), found @ Alli&Ali New Mainstore:


Hair (F):  A&A Celine Hair Moonlight (#1 color [L$150] ), found @ Alli&Ali New Mainstore:

Makeup & Eyes (F):  .:Glamorize:. Heavy Black/Black pack (L$1), found @ .:Glamorize:. : 

Hear The Siren's

So my sis, Tori has a great shop called Tori's Stylez.  She throws me new releases all the time.  I really dig this one.  It comes in several different colors, but if you know me I always go for red.  It comes with the gloves, top and pants.

Hair: Darla 200L @ Calico Ingmann Creation
Skin: Lynn 03 899L @ Zoul Creations
Outfit: Siren 50L @ Tori's Stylez

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Leah's Getting Frostbite

Sassy is participating in the Frost Fair.  This great dress is only 97L.  The fair is over on January 2nd.  So run down to get this great dress.  It comes in several different colors.

Skin: Zoe (Group Gift, Free) @ AngelDust
Dress: Frostbite Sweater Dress 97L by Sassy @ Frost Fair

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dulce Has Decadent Secrets

My good friend the Owner and Designer of Decadent threw me some of her great new releases to blog.  The corset comes in 4 different colors.  So does the lingerie.  All the clothing you see is from Decadent.  The skin is from Dulce Secrets as the participate in the Peace On Earth Hunt.  The hair is from Catwa.

Pic # 1

Hair: Hadeya (Blood) 250L @ Catwa
Jeans: Sho-Lo Jeans (Black) 150L @ Decadent
Corset: Evening Affair Corset 50L @ Decadent
Shoes: Black Leather Wedge 50L @ Decadent

Pic # 2

Lingerie: Evening Affair Lingerie Set 75L @ Decadent
Hair: Maryam (Red) 250L @ Catwa
Skin: Lynn (Fair) 899L @ Zoul Creations

Santa's Babe Gets Sassy!

AngelDust has this skin out for 99L called Santa Babe.  The dress is in a lucky chair @ Sassy.  And the hair is from Tameless and its on Marketplace for free.

Skin: Santa Babe 99L @ Angeldust
Hair: Ellie (Free) by Tameless @ Marketplace
Dress: On Track (Lucky Board, 10 minutes) @ Sassy!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Full of Secrets

Feeling in a Domme mood?  This outfit will definitely work.  It has fantastic leather texture and the hair is from Secrets Hair.  The skin is from Dulce Secrets.

Outfit:  The Domme Gypsy 99L @ Style By Panda
Skin: Hollynn 350L @ Dulce Secrets
Hair: *Mesh* Morgana 250L @ Secrets Hair

Friday, December 14, 2012

She Can Slither Artfully

Artful Designs came up with this really sleek looking sexy outfit.  I just love the shirt, and the pants have great details.  The hair is from Tameless and the skin is from Dulce Secrets.

Outfit: Slither 100L @ Artful Designs
Skin: Addyn (Riesling) 350L @ Dulce Secrets
Hair: Alexandria 199L @ Tameless

Regina Is Hot Stuff

Noemi is both available for 99L or you can join the group for 10L and lock down the board they have.  Hot Stuff is taking a stab @ doing skins, and they did a great job the skin is for 250L.  The hair is from A&A on Marketplace.  

Skin: Regina (Caramel) 250L @ Hot Stuff