Sunday, January 13, 2013

Darla The Tainted Angel

Tainted Designs has this fantastic mesh dress up as a new release.  The dress comes with a under bra (non mesh) with unrigged boots, & a skull necklace.  The dress comes in 7 different colors (Pink, Green, Black, Red, Blue, Black, Purple).

The sexy skin is from Angeldust, it is part of a Combat Junky 3 pack of skins for role playing.  There is also a dirty version and a bruised version.

Hair is from Calico Ingmann Designs, its a past hair fair gift, but now in the store for 200L.  It comes with a hud that changes the streaks.

Hair: Darla 200L @ Calico Ingmann Creations
Skin: Zazou Combat Junky 400L @ Angeldust
Dress & Boots Check It 150L @ Tained Designs

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